Monday, January 15, 2007

Playing peeping tom and other games

When you were younger, did you ever fantasize about overhearing what your friends have to say about you behind your back? Of course, you hoped to hear something good.

The modern equivalent is sticking your name into Google's search engine. I did that the other day and was happily surprised to learn that two different readers have listed Sexual Rx as among their favorite books and recommended reads. Sometimes eavesdropping pays off!

* * *

As a newbie author at Loose Id, I've joined forces with some of my fellow newbies to create a Web site you might find interesting. It's Authors of Erotic Romance.

We plan to feature articles of interest to anyone wanting to break into erotic romance. And on the fun side, we're posting a new picture each week and then writing a short story based on the photo. Drop on by and see what creative minds can do.

* * *

We fought the Battle of the Opossium again last night. Top Dog, a battle-scarred veteran of the opossum wars, would have preferred to ignore the interloper into our backyard. But the new kid on the block, our fearless puppy, charged right at the invader and soon found himself in over his cute little ears.

Alerted by the wild barking in the yard, I rushed outside in robe and fuzzy pink slippers (opossums being nocturnal, these battles are always fought late at night). I beat the foe back with a broom, rescued the puppy and we "advanced to the rear" in the best miltary tradition. Once safely back in the house we licked our wounds, which fortunately were few. What became of the opossum I don't know. If he was wise, he headed south.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

I'm having a hot flash!

No, not that kind, thank you very much! I've decided to experiment with writing some Flash Fiction, and since I'm a writer of erotica, it seems appropriate to call my little experiments "hot flashes."

Flash Fiction is extremely short fiction, although there's some argument about how short. Some people go really, really short -- 100 words or less -- and some go a bit longer, but the point is to keep the read fast so you can absorb the story in a ... ahem ... flash.

If you'd like to read my first attempt I've put it up on my Web site. It's there and not here because it starts off a little racy, and as it develops over the next few weeks, I have a feeling -- call it a flash of intuition -- that it's going to get even racier.

Okay, enough flash jokes. Those of you brave enough can proceed to read through this link. And I'd love some feedback!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Waiting for Harry Potter

I see where Amazon and some of the other book sellers are starting to sign up people to be notified when the next Harry Potter book is released. Does that mean we're getting close?

Hellooo, the reader in me is getting impatient. I would have liked to get this book for Christmas. A part of me wonders what's the holdup, already. I mean, J.K. Rowling worked out the plot years ago, and she's even written the last chapter already, so finishing the book should be a breeze.

However, the writer in me knows how difficult reaching the end of a book can be. Reaching the end of a series is even harder. It's like a little death in the family. You're saying goodbye to characters you love, to people who seem quite real to you and who have haunted your dreams (and a lot of your waking moments, too) for years.

I remember when I reached the end of my first series. I did not want to let go. I almost felt like a murder, writing "The End" across the lives of my characters. I mean, things had to happen to them after "The End" didn't they, just like they happen to us in real life. But I wasn't going to imagine it and I wasn't going to write it. This was goodbye, and it hurt.

I even feel the same way as a reader, when I find a book that I adore. If I love the world and I love the characters, I don't want to say farewell. I always start the last chapter with a little reluctance, instead of eagerness to learn how it ends. And I read the last paragraph with pleasure but with regret as well.

I think it's the French who say that sex is the "little death," but writing can be, too. I'd love to know how J.K. Rowling feels when she pens the last line.

And I hope she does it soon ... because ... I can't wait to read the book!!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Claiming territory.

Gosh, I feel just like a housewife caught stuffing junk in the drawers because company's coming. Excuse me while I make this little post to link up to some search engines.

Technorati Profile

Kassie has landed!

Wow, I've finally arrived in blog land. Looks like a friendly place. (sticking up finger to test the wind).

I'm Kassie Burns. I'm a small town girl who moved to the big city and who's starting to see some of her dreams come true. Woo, woo! I've tackled the tollroads and expressways, I've met a lot of wonderful people, I've landed a demanding job, and best of all, I've gotten some of my books published! More woo, woo! I've uploaded my latest cover so you can see what I write.

For fellow astrology bluffs, I'm a Libra with a Leo moon and Sag rising. Oh, yeah, people-lover (I like that better than people-pleaser, don't you?), party girl and secret philosopher. Hey, it's all about figuring out the meaning of life, but to do that, you have to live it a little first.

What's up? Trying to describe a life is like trying to catch a speeding train on its way by, but this week I've been busy working on my latest book. I'm excited because I'm getting close to the end. Hurrah! Of course, by "end" I mean the end of the first draft. Ha! Writers will know what I mean. Next comes the editing and that goes on forever ... and forever ... but I love it.

Oh, yeah. The book is called Starbound, and it's about some people on a starship lost in space and invaded by aliens. I'd better get it finished because I'm curious myself how it ends.